Synergy Wetsuits

From humble beginnings, Synergy Wetsuits has grown into a global powerhouse in the world of Triathlon. Known primarily for both their extreme flexibility and durability, Synergy Wetsuits are the ultimate in comfort for the Triathlete and Open Water swimmer. The seeds of Synergy Wetsuits were planted by our owner, Stefan Laursen at a young age.

When Stefan began racing triathlons in 1983, at the age of 13 he couldn’t afford to buy his first wetsuit, so he bought smooth skin neoprene and sewed his own. This led to a lifelong passion for both the sport as well as product development. He raced triathlons professionally for over 15 years and has won more than 200 events. Stefan was a National and Olympic Triathlon Team Member in the late nineties, and also a U23 rider for Telecom.

Endurance Sports Canada is proud to be the sole distributor of Synergy Wetsuits and Apparel in Canada. For further information and purchasing please visit