Our Philosophy

At  ESC our coaches believe that success in endurance sports is achieved through obtaining the correct balance between training, recovery, nutrition and life. Reaching your goals as an endurance athlete requires the constant application of training loads specifici to your sport. In order to be able to achieve the levels of consistency required it is crucial that the athlete does not look at the sport in isolation but rather as an integrated approach to their life incorporating the key components of recovery and nutrition. Failure to strike the right balance typically results in injury and / or illness that limits the athletes growth.

There is no “one size fits all” in endurance sports and the ESC coaches approach each of the athletes they work with as unique individuals. ESC  clients will not receive the latest fad or follow the program of their current hero. Instead their coach will work with them to structure a plan that is unique to each and every individual and tailored to achieve success. Please visit our coaches pages for resumes of our coaching team.