Bike Fitting Services

Despite all the marketing hype from bike companies,  the fit of the athlete to the bike remains one of the most crucial elements of all cycling performance. The latest tricked out aero frame means nothing if the rider cannot hold an aero position or if that position increases drag. As much as 85% of aerodynamic drag can be attributed to the ride’s position on the bike rather than the bike itself.

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Think you are two slow to warrant a fit? Well consider this – the slower you are the more time you spend on the bike the longer you have on bike for the aerodynamics of a good fit to play out. According to Martin et al the savings of a good fit over a poor fit is worth approximately 7 minutes over a 40km time trial for an average cyclist.


Our bike fitters are all  Slowtwitch F.I.S.T certified having completed both the Triathlon and Road fitting courses. We offer a fully equipped bike fit studio inclusive of  motion capture software, a full range of test saddles from Cobb, Fizik, Terry, Sella, Profile, a good selection of test stems in a variety of lengths and angles plus test base bars and clip on’s to help you get to the ideal position on your bike.

How much does a bike fit cost?

The following prices are in $CAD and do not include applicable taxes.

  • Road Bike Fit: $150.00
  • Triathlon Bike Fit: $175.00
  • Mobile Bike Fit: $275.00
  • Additional Fit: $60.00 (this must be completed during initial visit). An additional bike can be done at a later date for $125.00.

What should I bring to the fit session?

  • Bicycle – clean and in good working condition.
  • Cycling clothing – not too baggy.
  • Cycling shoes – clean and dry. If you have old worn out cycling shoes or cleats now is the time to replace them. If you have recently purchased new cycling shoes please bring your old pair as they can assist with gathering information about cleat set up.

How long does a bike fit session take?

  • The average bike fit takes approximately 90 minutes.

What does the fit session include?

  • A short interview to gather information about the rider’s history.
  • Measuring of riders key geometry points both off and on the bike
  • Assessment and adjustment of bike components as necessary
  • A front view pedal stoke evaluation to asses if any cleat adjustments are needed.
  • Any follow up visits for minor adjustments are free of charge.
  • Access for 2 weeks to our fleet of demo saddle, bars and stems

How to book an appointment

  • Email Shaun at